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Unlock the Future of Blood Flow Restriction Technology with Active Pressure ManagementTM.

About the LiveBandTM Blood Flow Restriction System

The LiveBand™ Blood Flow Restriction System is a portable and user-friendly Blood Flow Restriction device. BFR training is clinically proven to increase muscle strength and aid in physical and rehabilitation therapy, while reducing the weight load on joints.  LiveBand BFR uses a proprietary system to actively manage and maintain the desired limb occlusion pressure, customized for each patient.

LiveBand BFR device is great for physical therapists, professional sports trainers and personal trainers to use with their clients & patients.


Fully Portable

Our portable design allows for flexibility in treatment settings, empowering you to provide exceptional care wherever your patients need it without compromising on quality.

Active Pressure Management

LiveBandTM BFR ensures consistent limb occlusion pressure, regardless of limb position or exercise type.

Value-Driven Excellence

LiveBandTM BFR is affordably priced, making advanced BFR technology accessible to practitioners of all sizes and budgets.


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Recover quickly, avoid muscle atrophy and limit tissue stress – while still maintaining muscle balance during physical therapy and rehabilitation. Your patients can still achieve desired results with less stress on their joints. LiveBandTM BFR can be used in the Acute Phase of Rehabilitation following procedures such as ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy, knee replacement and tendon repair.

Athletic Performance

Improve speed, strength and muscle growth, while reducing the weight load on joints. Maximize your clients’ potential and set them up to succeed with this clinically proven training aid. LiveBand BFR can also be used by ‘prosumers’ in their regular fitness routine to improve muscle size and strength.

Hear from the Inventor of LiveBandTM Blood Flow Restriction System

Physician-led Innovation - About the Inventor

Eric Bowman, M.D., MPH

Eric Bowman, M.D., received his undergraduate degree from Miami University. He then attended Ohio State University, where he earned a master’s degree in public health. He graduated medical school from the University of Cincinnati, followed by orthopaedic residency at the Campbell Clinic at the University of Tennessee at Memphis.

Dr. Bowman completed his fellowship in sports medicine at the Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles. During his fellowship he was assistant team physician for the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks.

Dr. Bowman is currently affiliated with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


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